City Collection

A new invention that walks through the world

City Collection:  This new Patent nº 20181000036139/0198 allows Galibelle to reach new frontiers and “dive” into the classical shoe world.

The Galibelle concept allows the worldwide woman to choose her look, with a sophisticated, yet easy to use, exchangeable system that change the heel´s covers, with many colors and styles to choose from.



A  fusion of fashion and art, a mix of history and modern style. Gorgeously comfortable.


Modern, yet romantic, comfortable and perfect for every occasion for a unique lifestyle. 


The “Marvelous” sandal, full of beauty, culture and lively tropical colors. Feel the rhythm of the Samba!


Colorful, hot and full of rhythm, it charms and enchants every woman who tries it. Let’s dance!


Classic, magical, exquisite, unique and romantic. Full of charm and always in fashion.

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