Naomy is a trendy woman that loves fashion. A sandal with a little heel that makes all the difference. This is the perfect way for you to be practical and fashionable at the same time.


Yasmin is a modern woman with an incredible sense of style. If you like to take a comfortable walk with non-flat sandals, here’s your best friend for the rest of the summer.


Noya is a low profile woman with a smooth way to impress. In the beginning these sandals may look discreet, but you’ll find them awesome when you realize how elegant they make you.


Danni is an active woman that loves to enjoy life. The perfect sandal to take a walk and enjoy all the good things that summer has to offer. You can walk for miles feeling comfortable.


Bruna is a woman with a wild spirit, always ready for a new challenge. Put on these sandals and you are ready for everything. Versatile, comfortable and fashionable, Bruna will never let you down.

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