Kara is the summer breeze. A woman who likes to show her identity on the long summer days. This is the perfect match for your holidays. A refreshing new pair of sandals for warmer days. An endless novel.


Deise is a confident woman and a true heartbreaker. The genuine high heels. If you want to impress, put on these sexy sandals and just let them do all the work.


Bianca is a laid back woman that enjoys the little pleasures in life. If you love flat sandals, you have to take these ones with you. Comfort and design are always good together.


Sara is a sexy woman and it is impossible not to look at her as she passes by. These sandals will transform you, from the tip of your toes, with all their character.


Giovanna is a diva and just wants to have fun. Wear these sandals with anything from your wardrobe and bring your clothes alive.


Michelle is a lush woman who loves to impress wherever she goes. These heeled sandals are not just trendy but are also amazingly comfortable and fun.

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