Marimar is the summer breeze. A woman who likes to show her identity on the long summer days. This is the perfect match for your holidays . A refreshing new pair of sandals for warmer days. An endless novel.


Gabriela is a practical woman who loves simple trends. These light weight sandals will blow your mind and make your feet happier than ever. Made of Genuine Leather.


Gabi is a simple woman but outstanding at the same time. Comfortable as it should be, this model is great for who wants to play safe, because it will never go out of fashion. Made of Genuine Leather.


Galuxa draws attention wherever she is with her bold attitude. This light weight sandal, with all the Brazilian personality in the sole details, is a must have for flat sandal lovers. Made of Genuine Leather.


Karina is an elegant woman always showing her charm. These comfortable sandals have more than 100 exotic colours and fabrics, so you have more than 100 ways to feel awesome. Made of Genuine Leather. 

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