Thank you for your interest in our galibelle brand, we are excited to welcome you to our family.

The Galibelle woman reflects your personality, whether you have a more relaxed style and loves concerts and festivals, or if you are a more conservative woman with a more classic look. You can always have a sandal that will perfectly fit your personality and character. 

The basic concept of Galibelle is the interchangeable system, which sets us apart from other brands and defines us as unique!

Galibelle is a Portuguese brand that In many ways is changing several concepts in the fashion world for its originality, beauty and extreme comfort.

Made by innovative and creative designers, our sandals are full of color and manufactured using only the highest quality materials.

The concept was born from a womens passion for shoes, and the desire of man to satisfy her. In 2007 Galibelle brand arises from the inspiration of Mr. Moshe Azulay to make the most fashionable and versatile sandals without compromising on quality, comfort and accessibility for all women.

Since then Galibelle has conquered many countries in Europe and around the world, with the innovative concept of interchangeable sandals.

It is a creative and unique sandals system that allows the purchase of one pair of sandals and the separately acquisition of other different straps according to your taste or occasion. 

This unique concept designed for the modern women, not only because the diversity of the straps, but also the convenience and the use of space in closets and especially when you travel.

you can change it!

Your choice in shoes should be EASY & FUN!

Go ahead, live on the edge!

Pick what you want, Design what you want and change them as many times as you want.

Take your shoe from work to glam from everyday to sexy with a simple change of your straps.

galibelle does the one thing no other shoe can.

Why settle on just one style and one color when you can have it all with galibelle!

To date, Galibelle has two international patents, and we are continuing our work in developing new products, earning our place at the forefront of fashion. Galibelle is not only a brilliant idea, but also fashionable, comfortable and stylish.

This innovative idea is registered in the Institute for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Community (OHIM), Nr. 001621228 and WIPO with the National Register of Patent Pending Nr. 107000 and European patent nr.EP14752675.0.