choose your style

Interchangeable straps

change your strap

match your mood

Styling just got easier

Any occasion, always with style.

Plans for after work? - Simply replace the strap and you are ready for anything!

Now, you can always have a sandal that will perfectly fit your personality and character. Textures, patterns, colors, shapes!

Galibelle has the perfect straps for each model, so you can customize the perfect shape for your personal style that will surely dazzle wherever you are.

enjoy the wonderful idea of having

3 different looks for just one price
Everyone loves Karina

& Full of charm

The sandal that lets you change your look everyday!!

Perfect for beach days

Tropical personality is a must-have For flat sandal lovers
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*All orders above 100$
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There is a new way to look sophisticated and attractive all day long. For holidays or vacation or even for last minute engagements, you are able to bring all your shoes along with you. With Galibelle anything is possible

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Sandro Roberto
Pomerode, BR

5 Estrelas!

Miguel Maio
Lisboa, PT

Marca com conceito de franchise disponível!

João Paulo Pinto
Sintra, PT

Nice staff and amazing variety of products!

Miguel Dias
Sintra, PT

Very cute comfortable shoes.

David Elgrably
Paris, FR

5 stars

Patricia Cardoso Lima
Lisboa, PT

Adoro o conceito da marca! As sandálias são lindas e super confortáveis.

Raíza Pires
Santa Catarina, BR

5 stars

Rodrigo Gonzales
Los Angeles, CA